AF Medals

Air Commando Medal Set (Each)
Unit Price: $27.25
JROTC Air Commando (ACA) Medal with slide on drape. Includes Ribbon and...
Veterans / Patriotic Medal Set (Ea)
Unit Price: $9.89
Award set veterans day. Drape with medal
Military Band (Medal Only)
Unit Price: $5.49
N-1-1 (Medal Only) Distinguished Cadet - each
Unit Price: $5.49
Distinguished Cadet / N-1-1 medal
N-1-10 (Medal Only) Honor - each
Unit Price: $5.49
N-1-10 Honor / Medal only
N-1-3 (Medal Only) Academic Achievement - each
Unit Price: $5.49
Academic Achievement / N-1-3 Medal
N-1-4 (Medal Only) Perfect Attendance - each
Unit Price: $5.49
Perfect Attendance / N-1-4 Medal only
N-1-5 (Medal Only) Student Government - each
Unit Price: $5.49
Student Government / N-1-5 medal only
N-1-6 (Medal Only) Leadership Development - each
Unit Price: $5.49
Leadership Development / N-1-6 Medal
N-1-7 (Medal Only) Honor Roll - each
Unit Price: $5.49
Honor Roll / N-1-7 Medal
N-1-8 (Medal Only) each
Unit Price: $5.49
N-1-8 medal only
N-1-9 (Medal Only) Honor*Duty*Country - each
Unit Price: $5.49
Honor *Duty*Country / N-1-9 Medal only
N-2-1 (Medal Only)
Unit Price: $5.49
Varsity Athletics / N-2-1 Medal
N-2-4 (Medal Only) each
Unit Price: $5.49
N Series medal / N-2-4 medal only
N-2-5 (Medal Only) Each
Unit Price: $5.49
N series medals/ medal only
N-3-1 (Medal Only) Each
Unit Price: $5.49
N-3-1 Instructor Leadership Medal N series award medal (this is for one...
N-3-10 (Medal Only) Good Conduct - Each
Unit Price: $5.49
N-3-10 Good Conduct N series award medal (this is for one medal only,...
N-3-11 (Medal Only) JCLC/Summer Camp - Each
Unit Price: $5.49
N-3-11 JCLC - Summer Camp N series award medal (this is for one medal only,...
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