Army Collar Devices

Cadet Command DUI Crest (Pr)
Unit Price: $6.58
Cadet Command DUI unit crest - Distinctive Unit Insignia pin
Generic School DUI Crest (Pr)
Unit Price: $5.48
Pin on generic school DUI crest with pin back
JROTC Collar Device Brass Enlisted Torch (Pr)
Unit Price: $4.73
Torch of Knowledge. This insignia is worn by enlisted cadets centered on both...
Jrotc Lapel Pin (Ea)
Unit Price: $2.19
Army JROTC lapel pin.
Jrotc Letters (Pair)
Unit Price: $3.30
JROTC letter pin collar device. Choose between Bright (Gold) or Subdued (Black)
JROTC Uniform Ruler (Each)
Unit Price: $1.99
JROTC uniform tool. Help position your Insignia, Medals & Ribbons....
Leadership Excellence Pin (Ea)
Unit Price: $2.19
Leadership Excellence small lapel pin
Recondo Badge Crest (Ea)
Unit Price: $3.29
Army JROTC / ROTC Recondo Badge worn by all MS IV Cadets who have...
JROTC Bright Letters (Pair)
Unit Price: $3.98
JROTC letters in bright (gold) finish. JROTC collar devices pair
JROTC letters subdued (pair)
Unit Price: $3.98
JROTC letters in subdued (black) finish Sold in pairs, comes with two...
ROTC Bright Letters (Pair)
Unit Price: $3.30
ROTC letters in bright (gold) finish. ROTC collar devices pair