Plastic Name Plate

100 Tip Backings

Product ID: JDT-02-005

100 spare replacement tip backings for name plate , rank and awards
Army Jrotc Crest For Nameplate (Ea)

Product ID: JDT-02-006

Army JROTC crest for Army nameplates. nameplate not included Metal JROTC, Junior ROTC crest for Army JROTC name plates
Army Jrotc Crest Nameplate (Ea)

Product ID: JDT-01-002

Black pebble finish name plate with white letters. Comes attached with Army JROTC crest. All letters will be capitalized on name tags unless specified.
Army Nameplate (Each)

Product ID: JDT-01-001

Army military spec uniform nameplates for class A/B & ASU uniforms. Black pebble finish with white letters. size 1" tall x 3" wide. all letters will be capitalized on name tags unless specified. Army name plate for JROTC / ROTC / active duty. Price includes name engraved on Army name plate and tip backings. please fax or email your list of names. Army name AROTC nametag, name tag, AJROTC, Junior ROTC name badge
Blank Army Nameplates (Box Of 100 pieces)

Product ID: JDT-02-001

Box includes 100 blank pebble finish Army name tags and 200 brass nameplate backings. nameplates, name plates Blank pebble finish Army nametags plates size 1" tall x 3" wide. JROTC / ROTC / Active Duty