JROTC Superior Cadet Medal Set (Each)

JROTC Superior Cadet Medal Set (Each)
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Junior ROTC Superior Cadet medal set includes medal with attached drape & ribbon in a plastic sleeve for nice presentation. We have a pdf link below for you to download the certificate to fill out to give with presentation.

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 Superior Cadet Decoration, is an U.S. military decoration awarded by DA and limited to one outstanding cadet in each LET level in each JROTC institution. To be considered eligible for this award, an individual must be:

•A JROTC cadet.

•In the top 10 percent of his or her class in JROTC or NDCC academically and in the top 50 percent of his or her class in overall academic standing.

•Recommended by the SAI and principal or head of the appropriate institution.

Nominations for this award will be made by the SAI based on results of a selection board. The composition of the board will:

•Be mutually agreed upon by the SAI and the head of the institution.

•Provide military and civilian representation.

•Be sufficiently competent to evaluate the individual, using criteria and procedures prescribed by this regulation.

•Have the SAI as president of the board.

•Include active duty members that may be assigned and at least one authorized JROTC or NDCC instructor who has regularly instructed the class in which the cadet being considered is a member.

•In the case of JROTC and when possible, NDCC, include one or more selected civilian school official or faculty member not to exceed one-third of the board

The selection board, (as described above), will be constituted at the beginning of the school year and the members will observe the performance of the students in order to make sound selections. The president will convene the board at a date not later than 2 months before the scheduled end of the academic year, to review cadet records, and select the nominee of the award in each class. The criteria and the point weights for use in selection of recipients will be based on a maximum of 300 points, as follows:

•Military scholarship and grades (grades earned in JROTC or NDCC course) - 50

•Academic scholarship and grades (grades earned in all courses other than JROTC or NDCC) - 50

•Military leadership - 50

•Academic leadership (separate from academic grades attained in JROTC, NDCC, and regular courses. Includes all demonstrated qualities of leadership in student organizations, constructive activities, participation in sports, etc.) - 50

•Demonstrated qualities of discipline, courtesy, and character, and consistently demonstrated potential qualities as an officer (to be an overall estimate for all pertinent elements of the cadet’s performance) – 100

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