Air Force JROTC Graduates

Congratulations to the graduating class. Celebrate your Seniors with these stoles, medals, pins and grad cords.

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New Air Force JROTC Mulitcam shoulder patch with hook back. Meets Heraldry specs.

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AFJROTC Pin on Rank

Product ID: rank_afjrotc

ALL RANKS - Air Force JROTC pin on rank enameled chevron pin on rank. Air Force JROTC ranks attach to your uniform with 2 pin back clutch attachments. For AFJROTC Cadets.
Air Force AFJROTC Graduation Stole (each)

Product ID: JDT-60-004

White graduation stole with AFJROTC in blue letters on one side and color Air Force JROTC patch sewn on the other side.
Air Force Guidon Flag with Eagle

Product ID: JDT-AF-400

Air Force Guidon flag with Eagle, Custom 2 lines of text
Air Force JROTC #1 Graduation Medal

Product ID: JDT-60-020

Add on a neck drape color of your choice to connect to your medal. Wear this medal neck medal with your graduation stole and cords. Medal is approximately 2"
Ribbon mount Rack -No Space (Each)

Product ID: rack_no_space

ALL RACKS- Plastic Ribbon Mounts, choose your ribbon bar that holds between 3 and 32 ribbons. Slide your Ribbons onto the plastic ribbon bar. Pins do not Break. Very Safe, Flexible, and Re-usable. Comes with brass metal clutches (tips) for ready to wear on your Class A, Class B, and ASU Dress and Formal military uniforms.
Silver Star Community Service with Excellence ribbon award (each)

Product ID: JDT-08-051

Silver Star Community Service with Excellence, slide ons
2nd Lieutenant (2nd LT) ABU Rank ROTC Hook Back (Each)

Product ID: JDT-AF-355

Second Lieutenant (2LT) U.S. Air Force ABU ROTC cadet rank insignia patches with hook backing. Embroidered with Air Force Blue thread.